Team Alignment for Resilience: Structuring and Engaging for Success

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You better your odds of success in attaining resilience when your teams are well synched
and operating on a common mission. This chapter provides suggestions on selecting
team roles and functions based on your organization’s structure, including how to
successfully engage teams and manage handoffs between them. An organizational
assessment confirms how structuring operationally resilient roles provides immediate
benefits. Form a method of governance with well-engaged leaders and prepare a documented charter. Structure global, regional, tactical, and facility business continuity
teams to maximize strategic value. A global organization with four business units is used
as an example of team alignment. A diagram to identify crisis management team roles
with suggested responsibilities is included. Your team’s response differs based upon the
occurrence of facility incidents, crises, and business continuity events. Surveying and
obtaining feedback from participants involved in business continuity events and crises
helps to identify gaps and promote continuous improvement. Advice is provided on
keeping teams consistently ready to engage. Training prepares your teams on how they
will support the organization in a unified way.

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