Personal and Operational Resilient Leadership

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Personal resilience is defined as an ability to be strong, persistent, tenacious, and tough.  Striving for operational resilience is a journey with a roadmap that integrates all operational activities under a clear management structure.  Although difficult, it is possible to be both personally and operationally resilient.  When you combine both capabilities, it is evident, and you are well on your way to attaining competitive advantages.

The importance of personal resilience in an operational leader is a key concept in my book.  Among the characteristics needed to be a resilient leader include:

– The strength to directly face difficulties and manage stress.

– A focus on priorities you can control.

– The vision to see positive aspects of every event.

– An ability to modify actions to adjust to challenging situations.

– Being able to manage appropriate workstreams that resolve issues.

– Leadership skills that get your team to maximize their effectiveness.

Your associates (employees), their families, investors, and customers rely on the execution of resilient activities.  Stay focused on a well-defined and consistently implemented process.  Maintain that journey and follow your roadmap.  Once your journey is underway, you will see that every obstacle is an opportunity, and every challenge will lead to a lesson learned.

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